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  • Navidad: una buena oportunidad para trabajar
  • Ranking de los mejores cursos en 2012
  • Países que ofrecen empleo: el mundo en tus manos
  • FP: cambios y nuevas perspectivas
  • Nuevas metodologías en clase: del ábaco a las TIC
  • Universitarios: consejos para sobrevivir este curso
  • Foros de Empleo 2012: las empresas van a la universidad
  • Inteligencia: claves para desarrollarla en el aula y en el trabajo

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Run More, Live Longer.

With more than 600 muscles in the human body, one thing is clear: We are meant to move! And thanks to a new study published in the American College of Cardiology, we’re learning how important movement...

Does a High-Fat Diet Increase Exercise Endurance?

Can eating a high-fat diet increase exercise endurance? During low and moderate-intensity exercise, the body uses fat as its main source of fuel. Only with higher intensity exercise...

Targeted Toning: Quick Butt-Lifting Workout

(c) Happy healthy you. | POPSUGAR Fitness – Read entire story here.

Meatless Monday Party Because…. announcement

Hey, have you noticed organic apples have been super hard to find? ; I have. I don’t buy all organic because I’m not fancy (or rich) but I do try to buy a few specific things that I eat a lot AND eat the...

Reduce Stress and Learn About Life – Play a Computer Game!

By Irene Conlan — One of my favorite stress relievers is playing computer games – not the kinds with shooting, bombing, car chases and other kinds of murder and mayhem – those would create more stress for me...

Tom (Beardsley) North discusses True North — The Shocking Truth About “Yours, Mine and Ours”

Sometimes things are not what they seem to be. We’ve all experienced that in one way or another. Tom (Beardsley) North grew up in the family...

Wolfgang Feierbach’s amazing psychedelic plastic house

It is not only prefabricated fiberglass, but it has an interior to die for.

Fist bumps reduce bacteria transmitted by 90% compared to shaking hands.

Lets give a high five to these scientists who show that shaking hands is a filthy idea.

Family sushi night + weekend adventures

Family sushi night! Uncle E got me in the sushi-making mood. These nori wrappers held brown rice, smoked salmon, julienned veggies (carrot, bell pepper, and cucumber) and I learned a valuable life lesson: always keep wasabi ...

About the Competition: Rockstar

Wow.  As I sit down to write this post, I don’t really know where to begin. I’m just getting home and back to reality after a whirlwind of a week in California. I know ...

Happy 27th birthday to Brooke Hanna. 26 was successful. First…

Happy 27th birthday to Brooke Hanna. 26 was successful. First marathon  Back to school  Cross-country adventures Another year with Sherman I won’t embarrass you by writing an online love letter. Party time...

Greedy Recipe! Jalapeno Eggs Over Easy

Oh yesss. Cooking up ‘dem jalapeno eggs in my cast iron skillet. This is the perfect combination of protein for flat abs and muscle building, plus a thermonuclear explosion ...

Is Greek Yogurt Healthier?

Dear Davey, I’ve seen a lot about Greek yogurt being very healthy. Is it all marketing hype or is Greek yogurt really better for you than regular yogurt? From, Sean ...

Why You Need More Dietary Magnesium If You Exercise

There’s a mineral your body requires to run hundreds of chemical reaction inside your body – magnesium. Unfortunately, so much emphasis is placed on getting enough calcium that we don’t always track how much magnesium we’re ...

Get Over the Hump! How to Build Your Way to Camel

If flexibility in your spine isn't something that comes easy to you, then just looking at this pose is enough to cause back pain. The good news is that it is possible to increase your flexibility over time, and aside from being able to master a backbend like this...

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