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  • Navidad: una buena oportunidad para trabajar
  • Ranking de los mejores cursos en 2012
  • Países que ofrecen empleo: el mundo en tus manos
  • FP: cambios y nuevas perspectivas
  • Nuevas metodologías en clase: del ábaco a las TIC
  • Universitarios: consejos para sobrevivir este curso
  • Foros de Empleo 2012: las empresas van a la universidad
  • Inteligencia: claves para desarrollarla en el aula y en el trabajo

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Noticias Agibilis

Back garden update

Some work has begun on the back garden.  There is a lot of shade garden and really only one full sun area, which is the back right section.  I am pretty much getting rid of everything there so I can have my ...

The After Myth and Why I get so Snarky

So yesterday’s comments were awesome! It reminded me of the good old days of blogging pre-social media when there were only two popular channels to chat online, blog comments or message...

Aloneness and Loneliness

“Isn’t it time to turn your heart into a temple of fire?” - RumiThere is an aloneness that is not loneliness, and not despair, and western medicine hasn’t got a clue. ...

Do You Have Self Esteem Issues? What Causes Low Self Esteem?

Did you know that low self-esteem is almost always curable? Because it is usually not caused by hereditary or ancestral influences, the cause of low self-esteem can be treated by removing it ...

What’s Really In Your Food: 101 Ingredients in McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish.

The fast food industry is a very interesting place. Though many chains are working to improve the nutritional content and ingredients of their offerings, we have a very long way to go. Case in point, my previous blog post about the nearly 20 ingredients in Subway’s chicken breast...

Hyponatremia and Exercise: The Dangers of a Low Sodium Level When You Exercise

Most people get more sodium in their diet than they need – and sometimes enough to cause health problems. Americans have a love affair with the salt shaker because it’s an inexpensive way to add taste to food...

Do These 4 Things Before Bed Tonight to Lose Weight Tomorrow

While losing weight isn't something that happens overnight, doing some prep work the night before can make all the difference when you step on the scale. If slimming down and becoming healthier are two goals at the top of your priority list, here are four must dos to make ...


Things that are happening in Florida that make me go wtf… 1. Hitchhiker, just hanging onto the car… 2. SNAKES!!! AHHHHH!! Ben and I took an evening walk yesterday and a black racer snake scared me to death...

Has Steelcase designed the answer to the ‘problem’ of the open office?

Their new Brody WorkLounge does look comfy.

Here’s another way to store your bike in your apartment: The Milestone.


10 Venomous Thoughts That Are Quietly Killing Your Happiness

Our thoughts can be so destructive. One bad mood after another, negative energy gains momentum. Like poison, negative thoughts seep into your bloodstream, slowly infecting any ounce of...

Remember those sliders on Oscar night?

Remember those little Top Hat Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders I made on Oscar night? Chef Wolfgang Puck had a contest and I entered them. I won second place.My prize arrived today...Shelly's Top Hat Bacon Cheeseburger SlidersFollow Me on InstagramFollow Wolfgang Puck on InstagramWolfgang's Book

My hCG Diet Protocol R3- What I eat, what I did

Why Should You Exercise While Losing Weight?

Losing weight is only part of the equation. The number on the scale is important, but equally important is how healthy and fit you are. Morbid obesity plagued me like a bad dream, and...

IIFYM is NOT a Typo!

I am normally the first person to Google anything I don’t know. It’s like an instinct. Yet, for some reason when I got the Instagram question about whether or not I’m eating iifym my brain just turned it into a typo...

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